26 June 2009

Big news, mates!

Hi there! I haven't posted anything for almost a year because of it was very hard year... Final exams, state exams, acceptance tests for university... But now, everything is succesfully done and I'll have a lot of free
time this summer.

It means that I will reupload some older stuff, post some new music.. answer some of the things you were asking me if I didn't do that already and so on.

Looking forward to bring you slovak and czech music you may not know! See ya ;)

Oh yeah, and I will also change the design of the site. This one looks pretty silly.


Thalamus said...

I am hapy you are back. Looking forward the good music - let's the good times roll!!!



Farlac said...

right on. Looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...


Great to hear you're back.
Looking forward to some great music - especially some more of Collegium Musicum!

Best wishes!


Anonymous said...

My contribution: