10 July 2008

Gattch - Komplet (1971, 2002)

It was always difficult to discover some facts about this slovak progressive rock band. They have released only one LP called "Gattch" in 1971 a then they split up "because of different visions of their future". The band consisted of four young students playing the classic rock instruments - solo and bass guitars, piano and drums. Although this fact the sound of Gattch was very innovative thanks to the juicy experiments, unusual melodic sequences and rhytmic changes. I also have to say, that communists insisted on distorting the vocals, so that nobody could understand the provocatice lyrics. No wonder that Gattch is considered to be one of the most progressive slovak bands. This remastered reissue of their complete works consists of two CD's. The first disc includes the EP Gattch (tracks 1, 2), their eponymous LP (tracks 3-10) and some rare recordings (tracks 11-18). Disc 2 is a record of live concert in Ostrava in summer '72, it is full of jazzrock improvisations and saxophone solos.

Size: 182Mb + 177Mb
Bitrate: 320kbps
Total time: 79'38'' + 77'13''

Sounds like: Yes, King Crimson, The Beatles (Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band)
Remarkable songs: Narodenie, Kontrapunktická etuda, Vlak, Celý kraj
Rating: 5/5

Juraj “George“ Štefula - drums, percussion
Ľudovít “Ali“ Beladič - piano
Tomáš “Tomy“ Rédey - solo guitar, fiddle
Anton “Tony“ Lančarič - bass guitar
guest: Gabriel Jonáš - soprano saxophone

(including translations):

CD1: EP Opus (1, 2) + LP Opus (3-10) + rare recordings

01. Na na na
02. Kontrapunktická etuda (Contrapuntal Étude)
03. Kvapka medu (Honeydrop)
04. Pieseň bez slov (The Wordless Song)
05. Narodenie (The Birth)
06. Neznáma tvár (Unknown Face)
07. Vlak (The Train)
08. Vokálna štúdia – Reminiscencia I (Vocal Study - Reminiscence I)
09. Reminiscencia II (Reminescence II)
10. Kontrapunktická etuda (Contrapuntal Étude)
11. Celý kraj (The Whole Land)
12. Už kvitne biely orgován (A White Lilac Is Blooming)
13. Brička (The Cart)
14. Neznáma tvár (verzia)
15. Reminiscencia II (verzia)
16. Rapsódia (Rhapsody)
17. V zeleni jarin (The Green Spring)
18. Reminiscencia II (verzia)

CD2: live in Ostrava 1972

01. Krásne včely (Beautiful Bees)
02. Celý kraj (
The Whole Land)
03. Sivé oči (Grey Eyes)
04. Neha (Tenderness)
05. Neznáma tvár (
Unknown Face)
06. Pešiak (Footman)
07. Brička (The cart)
08. D-Mol - Koncert D-Mol (Concerto in D minor)
09. Rapsódia IV (Rhapsody IV)
10. Bum vam
11. Reminiscencia II (Reminiscence II)
12. Potlesky (Applauses)
13. Sedem minút (Seven Minutes)
14. Narodenie (The Birth)
15. Sonet o snehu (Sonnet About The Snow)
16. Kontrapunktická etuda
(Contrapuntal Étude)

Download links:
CD1: http://rapidshare.de/files/39973009/g_2002_kcd1_r3p.rar.html

CD2: http://rapidshare.de/files/39973873/g_2002_kcd2_r3p.rar.html


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, CD2 is no longer available for some reasons. I would love to hear this band live (Concert in Ostrava, 1972).

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for great music from a lovely part of Europe!
Another link at

Anonymous said...

Hello, excellent albuns you've got here. I'm a portuguese guy, love czechoslovak prog music. I recently bought Jazz Q's box. It's incredible.
Are you interested in portuguese prog? Few but nice bands.

Anonymous said...

hello i'm and american with almost 1/2 czech blood thank you for introducing me to an amazing and unknown part of my heritage

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Could you post this again somewhere. It is now unavailable. :(