25 July 2008

Fermáta - Huascaran (1977)

The best album that Fermáta ever did, by many considered to be one of the best jazz rock/fusion albums ever. This band was founded in 1973 by Fero Griglák, talented slovak guitarist that started to play professionally (in Prúdy and Collegium Musicum) when he was only 16 years old (!). In the time of making this album he was 24 and was surrounded by other legendary slovak musicians. The album is fully instrumental and is inspired by a big tragedy that happened in 1970 in Peru - whole the expedition of czechoslovak climbers died because of unexpected earthquake that made a substantial part of the north side of the Huascaran mountain to collapse. The musical form of the earthquake is very interesting and whole the album is a jewel of slovak music. Well... it makes me sad. So many beautiful music couldn't be spread over the world just because of the communist regime that ruled here for so long. Now you've got chance to know it, so I hope you'll enjoy it.

Size: 70 Mb
Bitrate: 192 kbps
Total time: 51' 27''
Sounds like: Pink Floyd, Chick Corea, Dream Theater
Remarkable songs: Huascaran I, Solidarity
Rating: 5/5

Fero Griglák - solo guitar, piano, Roland synt., ARP synt., Elka Strings
Tomáš Berka - piano, Fender piano, Hohner, Roland synt., ARP synt., Odyssey, Elka strings
Ladislav Lučenič - bass guitar
Karol Oláh - drums, percussion
Peter Oláh - vocals
Dezider Piťo - cello


1. Huascaran I (F. Griglák) 13:41
2. 80 000 (T. Berka) 7:30
3. Solidarity (T. Berka) 6:34
4. Huascaran II (F. Griglák) 11:13

Bonus tracks:

5. "15" (T. Berka - F. Griglák) 4:03
6. Valparaiso (T. Berka) 6:09
7. Perpetuum (F. Griglák) 2:17

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Anonymous said...

My friend, you've answered my prayers. I've been looking for Czech or Slovak music from different places for long, trying to order or send foreign friends to shuffle the stores and send the albums to me. I can't even begin tell you how much I appreciate your effort here. I was in fact considering starting something close to this, though mostly for reviewign and providing links to free albums regardless of the nationality or the genre. Well, prog-rock from the eastern Europe has always been a secret fetish for me, and that's why, well, hats off to you!

-Tuomas Renvall- (aka Passionist @ PA, I know you lurk there too...)

Martin "Gory" Oravec said...

Ak by si mal záujem, tak ti môžem uploadnuť Huascaran vo vyššej kvalite - 320 CBR. Taktiez mam k dispozicii Live album z ich vystupenia v Bratislave, v Petrzalke v Klube za Zrkadlom, z roku 2007 ;)

Anonymous said...

I was looking for this album :)

And generally speaking: 1) great blog, since I've know Czech Flamengo, I love CZ&SK music
2) why do you use rs.de?

Pozdrav z Pol'ska

Anonymous said...

Great blog! I was looking for those Eastern Europe gems for a long time...

Bócz said...

I have looking for non-English rock music. This album is f*ckin' awesome. Bit of Return to Forever, bit of Billy Cobham, a little Dream Theater.
Great work!
Peter from Hungary

Anonymous said...

thanks alot! I just finished listening to this album and it blew my mind!

Anonymous said...

Link is down. Please re-upload