01 September 2008

Collegium Musicum - Konvergencie (1971)

Konvergencie was a double album with four songs of about twenty minutes in lenght each, but this new release includes also some bonus tracks - rock compositions of classical music or jazzy smashes (with incorrect english lyrics). A legendary album with a legendary line-up. And a little bit of trivia - the original coverart had to be changed because of the communist regime, and so Marián Varga's cigarette had to be removed. Accidentally, it was done very amateurishly, so he looked like he "had a herpes".

Size: 312 Mb
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Total time: 136' 32''
Sounds like: ELP, Dire Straits
Remarkable songs: Suita po tisíc a jednej noci, Ulica plná plášťov do dažďa
Rating: 5/5

Marián Varga - organ, piano, subharchord
František Griglák - guitars, vocals
Fedor Frešo - bass guitar, vocals
Dušan Hájek - drums
Pavol Hammel - vocals


Disc 1:
01. Hommage à J. S. Bach (7:17)
02. If you want to fall (13:27)
03. Strange theme (13:44)
04. Concerto in D (by J. Haydn, 12:40)
05. P.F. 1972 (22:00)

Disc 2 :
01. Suita po tisíc a jednej noci (Suite after one thousand and one nights) (22:36)
02. Piesne z kolovrátku (Songs from a music box) (17:56)
03. Eufónia (Euphony; e-UFO-ny) (20:11)
04. Ulica plná plášťov do dažďa (A street full of raincoats) (6:41)

Download link:
disc 1: http://rapidshare.com/files/143057347/cm_1971_k_d1_r3p.zip.html

disc 2: http://rapidshare.com/files/143074788/cm_1971_k_d2_r3p.zip.html


Martin "Gory" Oravec said...

Dúfam, že sa dočkáme ;) Tento album by sa mi zišiel v lepšej kvalite.

SYD said...

keep up the good work.. and let us hear more from that great collegium musicum... what exactly means "will appear here VERY soon"? I'm looking forward to it, it must be awesome!
"sounds like elp and dire straits", what a mix! I'm delighted!

Anonymous said...

hey, thank you for do this very nice musik from my youth in the net!

i'm looking for the 1st and 2nd of collegium musicum - because my own lp's are very scratchy ...

greetings, andreas.

Anonymous said...

Great site! Thank you. And I used to think that Hungary was the pinnacle of jazz-rock.. I loved Collegium Musicum, great album. Looking forward to hearing Fermata.
One quick question: What do you think of Locomotive GT?

Your fan in Northern Norway

Anonymous said...

Progressive Rock

Anonymous said...

yes there is an interest in what you're doing ;-)

Hotte said...

Hi from Germany(DDR), thanks for sharing!
This was one of my firt LP's from CSSR, i bought it in berlin at "Tschechisches Kulturzentrum" and now the LP is very bad quality, thats why i'm lucky to find this one.

I'm searching for more of Blue Effect, have you someone?

Tanks hotte

Anonymous said...

Köszönöm !

František said...

Díky. Toto LP jsem nemohl sehnat.

Anonymous said...

tu su linky aj na ine LP





Tak si to užite

zefidalgo said...

hello from Portugal!
Thanks for let us discover great music from your country ;-)

sexy said...







Anonymous said...

Randy from Canada

Wow! Thanks for posting Konvergencie,
I've got an original vinyl pressing I picked up about 25 years ago in a 2nd hand shop for 25 cents (it was pretty beat up, but still worth it for the Rimsky-Korsakov track alone,...which was the only reason it caught my eye in the first place.)

I always thought I'd like to hear a nice clean version of "Konvergencie" without all the nasty pops & scratches.

I agree with the ELP comparison,...although I'd also have to mention that C.M.'s heavier, more aggressive soloing tends to remind me of Deep Purple, while their lighter moments remind me a bit of Camel more than Dire Straits.

Thanks to your interesting trivia regarding the album art I dug out my ol' LPs & checked for the missing cigarette, I'd never noticed the obvious air-brush job before!

Any idea whatever happened to the band? It'd be nice to know if any of 'em of are still playing.

tyiscloser said...

i am all the way over in the uk .. enjoying your blog!!! enjoying the music!!! wicked

brian h said...

thanks for posting this!

Anonymous said...

Please stop this "good work" immediately! Most of the releases are available on the market and you don't HELP any of the musicians by setting it for *free* on the net! If you have balls, show it by retrieving all copyrighted stuff. Eitherway, you just show that you and your community are just gelatinous stinking freaks .....