07 July 2008

Blue Effect - Modrý Efekt a Radim Hladík (1974)

This album was not meant to be instrumental originally, but communists forced the members of Blue Effect to leave out the vocals (because of the lyrics) and later also to change the name of the band to czech equivalent "Modrý Efekt". But even these facts don't influence the high quality of the recordings, solo guitarist and song-writer Radim Hladík is at his best and shows his talent especially on the legendary song called "Čajovna". Newly released version of the album includes two bonus tracks recorded in Germany in 1973.

Size: 46 Mb
Bitrate: 128kbps
Total time: 54' 40''
Sounds like: King Crimson; Yes
Remarkable songs: Čajovna, Ztráty a nálezy
Rating: 4/5

Tracklist (including translations):

1. Boty (Shoes) 9:57
2. Čajovna (Tea room) 4:01
3. Skládanka (Puzzle) 5:49
4. Ztráty a nálezy (Lost and found) 5:12
5. Hypertenze (Hypertension) 12:30

Bonus tracks:

6. Armageddon 6:22
7. Clara 4:13

Download link:


isabelbc said...


my request: http://rateyourmusic.com/release/album/flamengo/flamengo/

I love Czech music!

Congratulations and good luck!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for Meditace.
More albums of Blue Effect would be much appreciated! :o)
Regards, Jan

Anonymous said...

Would you like to post "1971, Nova Synteza"?


Anonymous said...

Mam na vinylu asi za 20,-
Jinak skvela deska...

Ladislav said...

diky moc nasiel som tento blogspot v skupine CZprogrock na last.fm velmi rad si rozsirim zbierku dobrej muziky ;))

tomatorama said...

I cannot download this album from rapidshare.de, would anybody upload it on a different website? I really want this but don't know where to buy it or download it otherwise.
I really want to know about more Czech prog but can't speak Czech to find out for myself, anyone care to recommend some?

Ivancho89 said...

Thanks for this great albums!! Keep on progrocking

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting! I can hardly wait to hear Blue Effect after so long!

Anonymous said...

Ahoj, Tomáš!

My name is Rinat. I'm a Blue Effect fan from Moscow.

> Please, always leave a comment when you download some music from me.

I'm sorry I don't like mp3 music. I have just bought all CDs of the Blue Effect and their DVD :-). I have got some LPs of the group.

Welcome to my site: Rock from Eastern Europe [http://eerock.boom. ru]

Anonymous said...

Can somebody please send me the lyrics of the song kingdom of life??? fidelg71@hotmail.com