11 July 2008

Dežo Ursiny - Modrý vrch (1981)

Dežo Ursiny, the pioneer of slovak progressive music, is originaly a documentary film-maker. He was the frontmen of a couple of slovak jazz-rock bands, mainly of The Soulmen and The Beatmen. In the summer '74 he met a slovak poet Ivan Štrpka and decided to transform his poems into songs. This decision resulted in 11 jazz-rock albums (album Modrý vrch is considered to be the best slovak album ever by many people ). It's often called "the symbol of slovak wave of big-beat" because of its cadence and avant-gardness. Ursiny was also making film soundtracks and short documentary films and influenced a lot of musicians and artists. In 1989 he became sick of cancer and recorded four more emotional albums before he died in 1995. Rest in peace.

Size: 63 Mb
Bitrate: 192 kbps
Total time: 45' 51''
Sounds like: nothing else :)
Remarkable songs: Všetko vo vajci, Pod hladinou, Cestujúci
Rating: 5/5

Pavel Daněk - bass guitar
Ctibor Hlinenský - drums
Dežo Ursiny - vocals, solo guitar, ARP 2000, Polymoog, percussion
Jaro Filip - piano, Fender Rhodes, Hohner D 6, ARP 2000, percussion
Martin Karvaš – oboe, Polymoog
Ľubomír Tamaškovič – tenor saxophone, percussion
Marián Varga – Wersi organ
Ondřej Konrád – harmonica
Milan Brunner - flute
stringed music lead by O.Willmann

(including translations):
01. Cestujúci (The Traveller)
02. Lúka (The Meadow)
03. Obrázok hráča (A picture of a player)
04. Modrý Vrch (Blue Hill)
05. Pod hladinou (Under the water)
06. Pristátie v marci (Landing in march)
07. Spomienky na drozda (Memories of a blackbird)
08. Modrý vrch II (Blue Hill II)
09. Nad riekou (Behind the river)
10. Útok z hlbokého rána (Attack in the early morning)
11. Všetko vo vajci (Everything is in an egg)

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Thalamus said...

Thank you very much for this blog. I used to listen to this music still on vinyl that time. The Matadors (Victor Sodoma has been a great singer!) is still one of my favorites. I like Collegium Musicum as well (and many others). I think, Radim Hladik one of the most virtuoso guitar player of substantial rock. It was a good idea to leave your web-address at Prog-Not-Frog - this has been the way I am able to find You! Would you consider to include other Central / Eastern European countries' music? Poland, Hungary etc. have valuable material as well. Also, what about fusion (Jazz Q Prague, Jiri Stivin or SHQ for example). Thanks again a lot!

Sincerely yours,


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much! Keep them coming! Greetings from Argentina

Anonymous said...

Hello Tomás,

Thank you for your great work!

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Anonymous said...

This is an incredible thing! I have always thought I knew what Czechoslovak music was worth but this has missed me ... until now! Magic!!! Thanks a lot for the post.

Anonymous said...

Hi guy

i've already listened some works of Dezo Ursiny and was great, but this album is a splendor, a refined one. Strong melodic and sinfonic masterwork.

Czechoslovak progressive scene 70-90 is one of the most innovative in the world.

Every unknown gem will be much appreciated and commented

Great thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog. Modry Vrch was my first take on Dezo Ursiny - and thus far I consider Modry Vrch to be his masterpiece (followed by Neberte Nam Princeznu - an amazing piece of work given that it's a musical for kids). I agree that this is perhaps the best Slovak album ever. PH

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